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PS4 players do have one option, however: to connect DualSense to their PC or Mac via USB and stream PS4 games via Remote Play. As demonstrated by a Twitter user , DualSense will also work with Nintendo Switch – but only if a third-party adaptor is used to connect the controller. How long does the PS4 controller battery take to charge? When the battery is depleted it takes The light bar turns off when the controller is fully charged. How to make the PS4 controller battery last longer Connect the controller to the PS4 console with a Micro USB cable and turn the console on.Jun 02, 2020 · Connect the PS4 controller to Windows 10. PS4 controllers come in both wired and wireless models and they can both be used on a Windows 10 system. 1. Connect via USB port. Windows 10 has native support for a wired DualShock Controller and other types of PS 4 and PS3 controllers. Connect the controller to your system via the USB port. Sep 11, 2017 · Connect a PS4 Controller via USB. You can simply use you mini USB cable that came with your PS4 controller to connect it to your Mac computer. Plug the PS4 controller cable into a USB port on your Mac. Then, turn on your controller by holding down the PS4 button located between the two controller sticks.